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A creative concept is essentially a “Big Idea” for a brand. It is a set of values ​​and a clear tone that can be used in all campaigns, communication channels and audiences. Successful creative concepts are peculiar and memorable and make the brand stand out. Here we show that every piece of furniture created by UID is hand tailored and meticulously crafted.

Company and Project

Urban Industrial Design is a custom furniture business in Albany NY that works with both residential and commercial clients. Whether small or large projects, the same amount of passion is invested in even the smallest details, providing the kind of quality and style that simply cannot be bought elsewhere. What began as a hobby of building custom furniture, soon lead to a passion and a business. Owner and operator Brian Seitz decided to invest in his talents and pursue his dream of doing what he loves – joining carpentry with metal fabrication to create classic and original pieces of furniture.

The goal of this branding video is to showed UID's raw talents in transforming a slab of wood into a heritage piece that families can pass down for generations.


The talent was provided by the two craftsmen that work everyday at UID. Who else could create this beautiful table?


All footage was filmed on-site at UID's shop in Albany, NY.


UID wanted to take an artistic approach that shows all the hard work going into building a wood resin table. We created a storyboard for this video that allowed us to really plan our attack on how we wanted to approach this project. With full control, we were able to completely control the lighting in the building and create that dramatic feel you see in the final product.

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