Creative Process FilmRuby Silvious, Tea Artist

Creating a creative process film is one of the most desired ways to show how a product comes to fruition. Elegant and visually pleasing, these films show the process that one follows to give their clients a unique product. Ruby Silvious creates pieces of art from dried tea bags.

Company and Project

Ruby Silvious is an internationally-renowned artist known for her teabag paintings and origami art. Ruby want the video to be displayed in the Albany Institute of History and Art along side her exhibit.


Ruby was the star of this video as was her artistic skill and eye for painting.


Filming took place at Ruby's upstate New York studio.


Instead of adding voice or text to the video (which we all agreed would detract from its beauty), we let the visuals of the process tell the story all by itself. We used natural audio captured throughout the process to accompany the scenes. We also crafted a light music score to move with the imagery.

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