Branding VideoProtective Industrial Products

Protective Industrial Products (PIP) completely revamped the way they handle customer service. This two-minute video shows and explains to customers how the new system works and why it's so effective.


We worked closely with PIP’s marketing department to shape this video’s message and visuals. It was important to us that we made sure the final product would properly hit PIP’s target message about its customer service offerings.


PIP is a local, national, and global powerhouse safety gear manufacturer. They produce the highest quality in protective gear such as safety gloves, construction helmets, and worksite vests. This family-owned and operated company’s corporate headquarters is located in Latham, NY.

Since PIP's video centered on their customer service system, we wanted to show many of the faces behind that system. PIP also wanted to show a little bit of their manufacturing side to give a face to the people who bring their branded safety products to life.


Customer service leaders at PIP spoke on camera to explain to their customers what changes they made to their service delivery. PIP's own employees served as the on-screen talent at their office headquarters and distribution center.