We’re FAA Certified! How Industries Can Benefit From Aerial Photo and Video

Not all companies that offer aerial photography and videography are created equal. To legally operate a drone for commercial use, remote pilots must past the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) aeronautical knowledge test and receive a physical license issued by the FAA. While anyone can operate a drone for a hobby, if you are seeking to hire someone to capture aerial video/photo that you will use to market your company or services, you should always work with an FAA-certified pilot. This will ensure you are hiring a contractor who is well versed in the FAA’s rules and regulations and thoroughly educated on safe flying practices.

Not sure how drone photos and videos can benefit your business?

Aerial photography and videography is an ideal tool for:

• construction companies – to document and share building progress and completion

• landscapers – to showcase lawn care and floral work

• architects – to highlight and market impressive building design

• real estate agents – to show off real estate and property features in selling a home, especially ideal for high-end homes or homes with a lot of land

• inspectors – to gain that sometimes hard-to-reach visible access to areas of building exteriors and tall structures

• event organizers and marketers – to display big events in their entirety from a whole new viewpoint

• schools – private or public, secondary schools or colleges, to give future students a quick, efficient glimpse to all your campus has to offer

• you  – regardless of your industry, bring us your ideas for using aerial photo and video!

   Some things to keep in mind when hiring drone services:

Shooting locations in proximity to an airport will require significant advance notice so we can secure a waiver to fly in that airspace. The FAA recommends 90 days, but contact us asap and we’ll do the best we can

We’re never permitted to fly over people’s heads, so aerial shots of large populated events will be shot from a distance with no flyover unless the venue is empty (the pre-event setup)

Flying a drone always depends upon the weather that day (flying in high winds and rain is a no-go), so have backup shooting days in mind

Let’s talk about how we can give you a whole new view of your company, service or project!