Horse Sense NY – Promotional Video

Horse Sense isn’t like any team building experience we’ve seen before. You show up with your classmates or colleagues, but once you’re there you add one or two new team members to your roster – horses! Participants learn to work together to solve hands-on problems and learn to build trust and communication skills with horses. The skills people learn from even just an hour from a Horse Sense session translate in many ways to their everyday lives at home, at school, and in the workplace.

Why horses? As described by Ashley Leonard, the Founder of Horse Sense NY, horses have to earn your trust. Compared to household pets like dogs (who usually love everyone), working with horses requires patience, sensitivity, and a measure of caution given their large size. Adults and children alike can learn a lot from an afternoon leading horses through activities.

Team building with horses can be a bit of an abstract concept, so this video we created helps people get a better idea of what Horse Sense is all about – the activities, the goals, the personal development, and real life applications inside and outside of the arena. Now go book your session at!