Industry Research

We feel it’s really important that we understand how your competitors and your industry’s leading companies are using video. We’ll gather some information and recommend, from our professional point of view, what video style and message will work best for your company.

Narrative Development

If your video includes interviews, our crew behind the camera needs to ask questions that get to the heart of what you want to say. We can come up with the questions ourselves, use ones you’ve developed or take a collaborative approach. Our team is skilled at prompting on-screen talent to answer questions. Or, you can take a voiceover approach using a scripted narrative that we develop together or by partnering with a trusted marketing company.


We’ve come up with the perfect vision for your video – now we need to put that vision to paper. A storyboard is a plan for how your video’s message or story will unfold from start to finish. We’ll create a list of shots we need to capture to bring your video to life.