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Welcome to Normanside Country Club, a stunning spot in Delmar, NY that offers upscale dining, golfing, and weddings & event experiences. To promote their wedding services, we scripted and storyboarded this promotional video to show future couples what the morning of their special day at Normanside could look like.

Company and Project

Normanside Country Club offers it all -- fine dining experiences, a top-notch golf course, a private location with stunning views, and full-service events and weddings.

The team at Normanside Country Club wanted a video that showed their future wedding clients what the wedding day experience is like at Normanside -- and how the staff takes care of all of the little details so the couples can focus on enjoying every little moment. Normanside hosts this video on their website and plays it during meetings with potential Normanside couples.


While the footage looks like it’s straight from a real wedding day, Normanside hired actors to serve as the couple and the wedding party. The venue staff shown in this video are real staff members at Normanside doing what they do best -- crafting the perfect wedding day setting and experience.


All footage was filmed on-site at Normanside Country Club, so what clients see is what they can expect.


Normanside wanted to take an artistic approach to showcase the wedding day experience to couples. We collaboratively wrote the story this video tells shot-by-shot. Ultimately, we all felt a visual narrative would be more powerful than an auditory one for this creative-style piece.

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