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When Teddy was born with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH), Teddy and his family had a long journey of healing ahead of them. But this challenging moment also initiated something positive that was much bigger than themselves -- the development of the Incredible Teddy Foundation.This in-depth documentary video introduces the viewer to Teddy and his family's story, how it sparked their decision to create the Incredible Teddy Foundation, and how this foundation helps many families with children born with CDH.

Company and Project

The Incredible Teddy Foundation offers education, personal support and grants to families with children born with CDH. CDH is a condition where a hole forms in a baby’s diaphragm in utero, which can cause a variety of life-threatening health problems. The foundation was started by CDH parents Phil and Andi Lodico and the organization is based in Saratoga Springs, NY.

Phil and Andi wanted a video that explains CDH to the public and highlighted how their organization helps CDH families. This video was played at their annual fundraising gala to educate and encourage people to donate to the cause.


Children and families attending one of the foundation’s family-friendly fundraising events, Incredible Kids Day, served as the talent for this video. All participants signed releases to consent to be captured and included in this video. We were able to capture wonderful footage of the kids enjoying themselves outside and creating memories. The co-founders of the foundation (and Teddy's parents) Phil and Andi chose to interview to talk about the foundation and their experiences as well as Teddy's surgeon at Boston Children's Hospital and a fellow CDH mom.


Filming took place at Saratoga Spa State Park in Saratoga Springs, NY as well as Boston Children’s Hospital in downtown Boston, MA.


There are several people to thank for providing the thorough and engaging narrative that underlays this video. First and foremost, co-founders Phil and Andi, who opened up about their experiences as CDH parents and in forming the foundation. Second, Dr. Wilson, a CDH expert at Boston Children’s Hospital who explained the intricacies of the condition and how it affects health as well as family life. Lastly, CDH parent Kate who explained how the foundation helped her family when her son was born with CDH. And Teddy, of course, who was such a good sport during filming and who delivered a sweet speech to all attendees at Incredible Kids Day!

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