Product Branding FilmPeter and Pipa

Meet Nicola and Vivian. They are twin sisters and the co-founders of Peter and Pipa, a company that sells organic masks and books that get kids to play using their imaginations. This two-minute branding video introduces viewers to the founders and provides background on their products while showing them being used.

Company and Project

Peter and Pipa manufactures and sells children’s books and organic masks and props that go hand-in-hand. The products are designed to spark children’s creativity through storytelling and character roleplaying. The founders' ultimate goal is to encourage kids to play together using their imaginations, away from the distractions of technology.

The owners wanted a video to personally explain why and how they developed their products while showing those products staged and in use. We collaborated with the owners to maximize and execute their vision - and they loved the result!


The owners of Peter and Pipa wanted to appear in the video so they could be the faces and voices of their products. They also hired a small crew of child actors to model their products.


We spent one day filming in the company owner’s design studio to capture their interview and staged product b-roll. We spent a second day filming with a crew of child actors who modeled the products at Saratoga Spa State Park in Saratoga Springs, NY.


The company owners wrote and delivered their own scripted narrative to describe their company, approach, and products.

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